Sales start with MARKETING.

If you want an even higher number of sales, without trimming your margins, you need to connect with your ideal buyers. And the easiest, fastest way to do this is by showing them what your business delivers time and time again, using video.

Your videos will be assets for your business, and assets are what builds your business wealth.

Beautiful websites with beautiful images are not the same as websites with videos. Neither is looking at a headshot or listening to a voice. It’s SOMETHING, but it’s not the same.

Brilliant Building Marketing provides a range of video and photography-based marketing options to help you attract the clients you actually want to work with.


Capture your projects on film and grab your next buyer’s attention.

If you’re digging a basement, let’s film it.

Let’s film your projects at framing stage. Let’s film them at lock-up. Let’s film them at completion. Show what you’re doing – get your marketing moving. If you have an active site, you already have content. Let your future buyers see how you build, as you build.


Create a connection with your next clients by showing them what you’re doing right now. Show your projects at milestone stages to build trust and proof. And top them off with a client video testimonial. You have a wealth of information and content – so give your buyers what they’re searching to find. Don’t wait until your competition has the edge over your business.


Introduce your team, show your process. Have an About Us video. Have info videos. Have videos that explain your process. Videos like those answer objections and questions for your future buyers. So, of course, you’ll be the builder they choose because you’re giving them the most value – not just trying to sell to them. And each video doesn’t just go to one buyer – it’s selling in the background all the time for you.

Building Marketing Services

We offer photography, image editing and showreels that give your business the edge.

Building Marketing Services

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