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Jan Dowling

Jan Dowling

Construction &
Building Marketing Specialist

You have a construction or home-building business that’s head and shoulders above the rest… so why are you struggling to find the clients you want to work with? 

Too often, construction business owners are so focused on the day-to-day that they fail to pay the right attention to their marketing. Sure, they have a website and some brochures, but they have completely missed the boat when it comes to video. As a result, they’re getting left behind.  

With a combined background in construction and marketing, I help construction business owners to absolutely nail their marketing and attract an endless stream of clients they actually want to work with.

With my help, your construction business will:

Create awesome marketing videos without the hassle


Tap into their ideal clients’ emotions and start building TRUST

Get constant traffic to your website and a steady stream of leads from social media

Have an evergreen sales and marketing agent who works for you 24/7

Hear from customers who are ready to buy, without even meeting you

Be the builder that stands out from the competition by taking advantage of the potential of video. Let my team and I plan, film, edit and upload highly-professional videos that let your buyers see the person behind the brand. 

You need to build a relationship before you can expect a sale. Book a call with me to find out how to get this right.

Skills: Video Marketing | Video Marketing Strategy | Marketing for Builders | Construction Industry Marketing | Video Diaries | Building Industry Marketing | On-site Construction Videos



Brilliant Business Marketing

As Director of Brilliant Business Marketing, I oversee a team of professional cameramen, editors and producers who create stunning videos for building companies that want to stay ahead of the competition.

We offer a start-to-finish service that includes planning, filming, editing and post-production. Each video is created to give your company the edge. 

There’s no better way to share who you are and prove what your business delivers time and time again than on camera. It’s how you connect with your buyers and keep them captivated, inspired, informed and excited to work with you.